Publicly Secretive

It must be OCD or something, that I have to wake up and sit myself in front of the laptop, and clean up this space. I am not a neat and tidy person, really. You should take a look at my work desk.

Anyway, it is fun to wake up to more followers and likes. Thank you!

There are only two people I know who have knowledge about this blog — my fiance and my wedding planner. Weird, but I have no urge to share my blog with my friends or family. Maybe it’s because I don’t want people to walk up to me and ask me about the things I blog about. In fact, I hate it when people do that. It is already happening to me on Facebook.

When I post a status update or photograph, my family and friends will like or comment on it. Then a cousin who sees it will tell my aunt about it. Soon, my mother will receive a call about my status updates or photos. And then my mum will ask me about it. Why? Why do I have to explain laboriously about the updates that are posted online? Yes, I may be naive for expecting that what is posted online remains online. But it just irks me that people are over-concerned. This whole ‘going public’ thing brings a lot of problems.

But I love to share! I love to share my thoughts. I love the fact that people who comment here genuinely enjoy what they see (I believe so). And that’s about it. Therefore, it doesn’t bother them if I’ve remained nameless and faceless so far.

Maybe, maybe one day, I’ll share these things with everyone. But not now. They aren’t ready.


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