Petite Bouquets


I want to make “Thank You” cards for my colleagues, and these petite bouquets are what I’m intending to attach on the cards. They are really easy to create!


I dried some Baby’s Breath flowers (they took 2-3 days to be fully dried).
Then I drew a few bows on card paper. You could draw vases or any sort of containers. It’s really up to you!


Then, I made two parallel cuts above and below the knot of the bow.


After that, I cut the flower stalks and started sticking them through the cuts.


Depending on how large you’d like your bouquet to be, vary the length of the cuts and the number of stalks ¬†used.


It was fun doing it! Baby’s Breath are really easy to work with, and they look really good as dried flowers too. Try it and let me know how yours worked out. :)


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