© Jeffery Foltice

Great. A human is taking a picture of this. By 3pm, this would make the headlines: “Henpecked Swallow Survives”. The best part is that humans don’t understand Swallowian.

Where do I even start? This crazy swallow is not my spouse; I have acquired a taste for the strong and silent type. I am ignoring her because she has been going on for two hours about how her son has left her nest and is not intending to return; he has eloped with his girlfriend. I am just a random swallow who has happened to take a break on this branch after a hearty breakfast.

And now, you are going to remember this picture of my sexy back and insist that I am male.

Shoot me.

I’ve never composed anything based on someone else’s photograph. But Melody wrote a humourous poem about this photograph by Jeffrey Foltice (Photo Nature Blog), and I was really inspired to compose something about it. It was fun!


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