The wedding is more than a year away, and we’re still looking for an ideal location. It is stressful, really. Anyway, I thought I would just blog about something that is wedding-related. :) I really like the look and feel of this style shoot by my wedding planner. I hope it inspires you too!

We decided to bring this shoot to the “outback”, somewhere in the rare wilderness of this little island. It was somewhat a blessing we found this place and had done this shoot way before it risked being developed into yet another estate land. Couples here in Singapore don’t usually have the luxury of going country, but to us, going country meant more than just holding that wedding in a barnyard, a ranch or in the midst of an enchanted forest. Huge amounts of sunshine, making choices of going bright or pastel, installing appropriate elements of nature were big determinants in this entire preparation.

Lawrence, our photographer from The Peepshow Machine had in mind what we wanted – capturing rays of the afternoon sunshine through the organza ribbons and the occasional feeling of surrealism & marvel from the huge clouds rolling nearby. We love nature and the serene backdrops that are…

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