His Favourite Perfect Palettes

He tells me that as long as I’m happy, he’ll be happy to go with what I’ve picked and chosen. It is very sweet. But I’d really want to know what he likes too because it’s OUR wedding. And I’m really surprised at the things I find out about him. If not for the wedding, I might never know this side of him. :)

I directed him to The Perfect Palette  and told him to rank his top three favourite wedding colour palettes. Since blue is his favourite colour, I thought I’d be seeing lots of blue in his choices. But look at what he picked!

I swear I wasn’t by his side when he did this, and I hope he didn’t recall that purple and green are my favourite colours. Plus, I believe that he was totally honest when he picked these.

Thus, the groom-to-be has spoken!

I have to admit that these make beautiful wedding colours and they truly reflect who he is — an unromantic romantic, and a natural nature lover.

However, these aren’t my favourite wedding colours. Yikes. I’d pick mine and see if we can put what we like together. ♥


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