Venue Hunt: The Arts House

Weekends are spent looking for wedding ideas. At the moment, I’m concerned over the wedding venue because over here, couples tend to book their wedding reception venue one year in advance. Well, this would be more applicable to couples who want to hold their wedding in hotels.

Having attended numerous hotel weddings, I’m rather reluctant to hold ours at one. They are too textbook-like.

Looking at the guest list, we have 140-150 guests. Because we are only inviting family members and close friends, it is highly impossible that the numbers will change.

I get really confused and flustered on this journey of looking for a venue. So maybe I’ll just think through and record what I’m looking for.

I have always preferred an indoor venue for a very simple reason. Singapore is humid and it’s basically like summer all year round. The weather is pretty unpredictable, although we’ve checked that the month we intend to get married in is the month with the lowest rainfall here. I would also like our guests to feel comfortable, especially when they have bothered to dress up for the event. I put myself in their shoes and I know I would prefer not to perspire profusely or be bitten by mosquitoes. But here comes the dilemma — I love the look of outdoor weddings, and the fiance loves the idea of an outdoor wedding under the stars or by a poolside.

Well, I’m sure with the help of the wedding planner, we can come up with a grand plan to bring the great outdoors indoors.

The Arts House (The Old Parliament House)

Right from the very beginning, we’ve wanted to hold our wedding ceremony and solemnization here.

The Chamber, The Arts House (The Old Parliament House).

A wedding reception could follow in the different rooms; Blue Room, Gallery, and Living Room. I love how the rooms have a very clean look and that means decor possibilities are endless.

However, we have two major concerns. Firstly, due to the number of guests, we cannot house all of them in the same room; that means splitting our guests into different rooms during the wedding reception. This could be problematic when we want to address the guests, i.e. give our speeches. Secondly, I have not inquired, but it seems that everyone who has held their wedding here had a buffet-styled dinner. We aren’t really fond of a wedding buffet because we do not want our guests to queue for food; they deserve to be served at their table.

1. Indoors.
2. The stories behind the significance of the building and its rooms.
3. The white rooms which give a very clean and elegant look.

1. Separate rooms for reception.
2. Buffet-styled dinner.

Seems like the search has to go on.


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