He Has Spoken: My Crazy Ideas

“Let the readers judge your crazy ideas” – that was what my gorgeous fiancée said to me.

I was reluctant. But after much coaxing, I relented. Resistance was futile.

So here it goes. Here are some of my “crazy ideas”:

1)      Sharwarma

I call it kebab. But it’s actually known in the Arab world as sharwarma. It is one of my favourite foods. I remember during my university days when I would walk down to a kebab joint just to get my kebab fix.

Today, I hardly get to enjoy this food anymore.

Therefore, the idea of having kebabs served to me at my wedding absolutely makes me drool.

You can have your 10 course dinner. I just want my kebab.

2)      Oil Painting

One of the wedding themes my fiancée thought of was a museum-inspired art gallery theme.

In line with that theme, I thought that having an oil painting of us would inject that extra touch of extravagance into our wedding. Oil paintings, as opposed to digital photographs, exude a sense of class.

3)      Ice Sculpture

This was a totally random idea. I saw a show on TV which showed a behind-the-scenes for some corporate event, and they had an ice sculpture.

Yes the country I live in is near the equator and it is humid, but wouldn’t it be cool (literally) to have an ice sculpture of us?!

However, it is difficult to justify getting one done because of the high cost.

4)      Choreographed Dance

She wanted me to do something special that can involve all guests. The only thing I could think of was this activity I see occasionally at the community centres – groups of people repeating the same set of steps in a (seemingly) coordinated manner, dancing to the tune of diva pop songs.

That’s right. I thought of line dancing.

Yep. This probably shouldn’t happen.


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