Weekend Wedding Thoughts: Hustle & Tussle

It’s another weekend of brainstorming for ideas!

We do not meet on weekdays due to work, and we prefer to communicate face-to-face. Therefore, weekends are very precious and special. It has been like that ever since we graduated from junior college and entered university. It works very well for us; makes the hearts grow fonder. :)

Over dinner this evening, we thought about and have decided the amount of budget we are willing to spend on the wedding. We also explored possibilities of doing something less conventional; unlike the common 8-course banquet with two march-ins, a rowdy toast, cutting a huge fake wedding cake, taking pictures at all the tables, showing a growing-up video, courtship video… and the list goes on. There are many things I find unnecessary. Not that couples doing these things are doing anything wrong, but these don’t really match what we are envisioning.

One of the painful things when planning for the wedding is that as much as I would love to share our ideas and plans with my parents, I do not like it when they voice concerns like “but it is inconvenient to get there” or “everyone has to work on that day, you can’t expect them to reach at 7pm”.

We would like to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone (it is true), but we aren’t accommodating to all requests. We have been fighting for what we believe is an ideal love and relationship all these years, and we have never allowed anyone to affect the decisions we make for us. This applies to the wedding too.

We make it a point to make the experience as special for the guests as it is for us. And since everyone is supposed to be close to us, then we won’t expect anyone to kick up a fuss over making prior arrangements so that they will be present.

I believe those who really love me and us will be gracious guests.

Hmm… This hustle and tussle with the elders is not fun.


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