What Wedding Blog?

Where are all the posts about wedding things? 

Yes, there are officially more non-wedding related posts. Haha.

The wedding will be in less than a year and tomorrow we are going to sign a contract to confirm our wedding venue. It is quite exciting! I don’t want to reveal too much yet, but it is a white and beautiful gallery space. :)

I’ll probably tidy this blog space soon.


The Day My God Died

“THE DAY MY GOD DIED lifts the veil of secrecy on child sex trafficking using footage from the brothels captured with spy camera technology. The film tells the stories of Gina, sold into sexual slavery at age seven, raped by 14 men and beaten with sticks and aluminum rods; Anita, lured by a friend, then drugged and sold to a brothel at age 12, where she was beaten and threatened with being buried alive; Maili, trafficked at age 19 along with her infant daughter who was seized and used as “insurance” to keep Maili from fleeing; and Jyoti, sold at age 12, raped, choked and forced to drink alcohol to break down her resistance.

The child sex trade is a highly organized syndicate that rivals the drug trade in profitability. The industry has formed a pipeline, which starts in the villages of Nepal and feeds a continuous supply of girls to the urban brothels. Recruiters capture them, smugglers transport them, brothel owners enslave them, corrupt police betray them and men rape and infect them. Every person in the chain profits except for the girls, who pay the price with their lives: 80 percent become infected with HIV.” (Source: Friends of Maiti Nepal)

Maiti Nepal

Friends of Maiti Nepal