We’ve confirmed our wedding photographer! He uses the film medium in his photography and I’m really in love with his work at thegaleria.

Recently, a friend did a fun shoot for us using the film medium too!

And… I bought my very first lomo camera, the Diana Mini! I have been playing around with it.


Wedding things updates

This is a less hectic work period for me and I’m so glad I have more time to think about the wedding!

The venue is confirmed, and the next most important thing is to look for a caterer. We are considering a few caterers, and it is extremely important to us that the food is delicious.

At the same time, we’re also looking for wedding photographers. We’re considering to engage a photographer who uses the film medium. He is pretty good at what he does.

We’re also looking at getting charitable wedding favours for the wedding.

It is fun preparing for the wedding when the wedding planner is really efficient and good at what she does. :)