My Ideal Wedding Day

10am Rise and shine late because of the late night before
11am Brunch with loved ones at the hotel and talk about how fast the day is going to pass us by
12pm Head to the wedding venue, get lunch for the wedding planner and those who are dolling up the wedding venue
1pm Head to the hotel and laze around… Update facebook and the blog about how excited we are
2pm Hair and makeup with old love songs playing in the background… think about random things to keep the mind busy to avoid being bored
4.30pm Head to the wedding venue and expect a traffic jam but it’s okay… just stare outside and wave at random passing cars
5pm Meet photographer halfway somewhere for a mini shoot
6pm Arrive at wedding venue… prance around… and play Call of Duty (Zombie) on PS3
7pm Arrival of guests and cocktail reception… starting to get busy
8pm THE WEDDING BEGINS… everyone has fun… good music… booze…
10pm Send guests off… hugs… more photographs
11pm Head back to the hotel for a good bath!

This is not a typical day of a Singaporean bride. But I’m so atypical so whatever. :)


Lace “Tattoo”

I’m quite in love with illusion necklines and sleeves. And yes, it remains one of the top wedding trends in 2013!


As I was browsing, I came across this gown with coloured lace by Steward Parvin! This sort of design is very similar to the designs we see on Nyonya Kebayas. I think it looks pretty interesting and goes really well with the hair and complexion of the model.