Both of us are pretty good at what we have almost unintentionally assigned ourselves to do. He gets all the paperwork and legal things done, and I do up these blog things and pretty frills (which are, in my opinion, necessary).

Because of such clear division of labour, we might feel quite alone sometimes wielding our individual wands to create some magic in what we do. However, we do make it a point to poke our noses into each other’s area of governance once in a while. You see, we must feel involved in this whole thing.

Strong as individuals, and powerful as a couple.

We might come across as pragmatic, unromantic and narcissistic. You are quite right, but not totally. Because your impression of us is solely based on this blog. And even if you know us in real life, you don’t really know us.

This is a monologue.

But I am happy. And we find joy in each other’s company. Sometimes we pursue our desires, much to some people’s dismay. But you see, we consider happiness to be a personal choice. We also believe that our life will be as blissful as we want it to be.

Come what may.


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